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I’m always getting questions from people concerning online businesses. Fromm time to time we will review some of these and let you know the REAL story. This week’s entry is about Feeder Focus. Thanks to John from for some good writing.


You can’t help but wonder if sites like this is a scam or if you can actually make a solid, honest income, which is why I have put together this Feeder Focus review.

Feeder Focus, which can be found at is a site created by Mutinda Kisio from Kenya.

Using the same methods as any other cash gifting program, Feeder Focus “focuses” on the recruitment of others in order to make money.

There are no tangible products that come from here and the site is also not complete, which of course raised a lot of red flags.

Their FAQ’s page is not even populated and the only testimonial is coming from the actual owner, which makes no sense.

Not the best start, but there’s always a target market for things and you might just be the perfect candidate.

Who This Is For

Not the best start, but there’s always a target market for things and you might just be the perfect candidate.

This is where Feeder Focus comes in and becomes the “solution” to their problems.

I mean, who doesn’t want or needs to make more money?

Probably every single person you know.

So those that are completely desperate to make money will of course give into this type of stuff, which will not be their solution to their financial problems.

Allow me to explain.

How Feeder Focus Works

The concept behind this program is very simple and brings nothing new to the table.

They do try to mock the business model of revenue sharing by using advertising as its product, but there really is no actual product attached to this site.

All this really is, is nothing but a front to have some type of product to offer when everything is done for the sole purpose of promoting your links and getting others to join so that YOU can make money.

You don’t recruit anyone, you don’t make any money, and yes, it is really that simple.

Will Feeder Focus Make You Any Money?

I’m sure we all want to make a one time $5 investment and turn it into $166,800 or even just $10,000 but I can promise you that that will not happen.

Just like Wealth Rising, which really thought they’d accomplish the same feat and didn’t even come close to making anyone rich.

Besides the owner, of course.

Then there are the Bitcoin MLM type sites that operate the same exact way, but focus on digital currency and still are kept afloat by new people joining.

Are you seeing the pattern of these types of sites?

Try to see the bigger picture or you will just be another contributor to another owner whose site will probably last no longer than 3 months like the rest.

Final Verdict: DO Not Join

It really doesn’t matter if this is a scam or not as it is only a matter of time before everything slows down and everyone jumps ship looking for the next best thing.

Feeder Focus might not be a scam but I can promise you that it will not make you the type of money you’re thinking.

This site offers nothing but hype and I will rather have you do an actual MLM with real products  and a better business model with something like Melaleuca.

This site is not even close to being a solid opportunity, so don’t waste your time here.


There are literally thousands of sites like this that come and go on a daily basis and not a single one of them will last.

Without a solid product or service, this type of stuff is designed for the owner to make what they can and most likely try to come up with something else to lure people into their new “opportunity”.

If you want to make money, it requires some learning, some hard work, and some dedication.



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